Portfolio of Recent Work

Focused on making our clients successful and “doing the right things right” is what motivates us at Wickizer Communications.
We learn a tremendous amount from each project and client, and bring that knowledge to each new project we do. This portfolio contains some of the work we’ve done lately for Intel and others.

Whether you need a marketing strategy created from the ground up or a plan to jump start a project that’s been languishing, we’ll help you develop and execute plans that speak to your customers and meet your business goals.

Launches & Campaigns:

Launches and campaigns can execute like clockwork, or bog down in a myriad of details. We can handle all the details while not losing sight of the big picture.
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HealthcareGoesMobile.com Community.

Started with three webinars to engage clinicians, administrators and IT professional about mobile point-of-care in healthcare. Then we moved to the development of a new mobile point-of-care community meant to drive conversation, education and understanding about the value, process and purchase of mobile point-of-care technology. Worked with the AMG Health Team and several agencies to help drive messaging, content development and look and feel.

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Intel® High-Performance SATA Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Started working with the group one year prior to the product launch. Chaired twice-a-week launch planning meetings to address strategy and tactics, managed sales tools/collateral creation (product briefs, family brochure, photography, animations, videos, field sales tools and channel ad building kit), web presence on Intel.com and event participation (presentations & demos at four Intel Developers Forums).

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Rebranding of Xerox.com.

Brought in at the end of October to work with Internet Marketing team to drive the schedule and delivery of a new Xerox.com website by January 5th! Established a detailed schedule of all required tasks from Xerox and supporting agencies. Met with key teams on a weekly basis to identify issues and work toward resolution to meet launch deadline.

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Customizable Reseller Campaign.

Provided program management, writing, design and print coordination, plus distribution and placement of both online and print media for desktop boards reseller campaign.

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“It’s Not Just Cold There” Sweepstakes Series.

Worked with Scandinavian Airlines to develop a four-part sweepstakes campaign around four key cities. Goal of the sweepstakes was to boost e-newsletter membership. Developed the main sweepstakes site as well as provide points of interest in each of the four key cities. Provided project management, copywriting, imagery selection and worked with sweepstakes company to ensure legal compliance.

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Co-Marketing Programs

You’ve set up the strategy for working with your marketing partners and now you need help in making sure the programs get launched, executed correctly and are tracked for results. We’ve had years of experience helping manage partner relationships – so you can move on to negotiating the next set of programs and projects.

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We’ve put together co-marketing programs with key OEMs and ISVs in support of Intel® Centrino®, Intel® Itanium® and Intel® Xeon® processors as well as the Mobile Clinical Assistant platform. Programs have included print, interactive and events. Provided approved messaging for each product, logo placement review against fellow traveler guidelines and legal approval as well as print production.

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Marketing tools have changed radically over the last few years. Customers expect to be able to easily learn about products/services on-line. You need to make sure you are using the right interactive tools to tell the story. We just recently completed a tech demo for a key product launch that was the top piece of content on the launch site.
Video for Intel

Flash animation for
Intel Xeon 7400

Interactive Brochure
for Intel-based Servers

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This is truly where the devil is in the details. The right content at the right show is an important part of an integrated marketing campaign. We’ve supported both large and small shows – running the weekly strategy meetings, working the appropriate agencies to develop materials that carry the messages throughout the event deliverables.

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Siggraph 2008, GDC 2008, Game Developer’s Austin 2008 & Adobe Max.

Managed pre-promotions (emails, program ads, online web banners), collateral and booth graphics.

Intel Developer Forum 2007.

Oversaw the Energy Efficiency Community booth - a refreshing green park in the middle of IDF with both green trees and grass adding a cleansing breath of oxygen and moist air to remind attendants what the goals of energy efficiency and recycling are working towards. This idea was used in 2008 as well since it received such good reviews. Created park-style signage and an attract loop of video with key messaging. Pulled all booth elements together from the community partners.


Product Briefs, whitepapers, case studies and vision guides all provide a more in-depth conversation about a product or technology. While online is key these days, you still need documents with the details that customers need.
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